Carlton Junior and Infant School


Welcome to Year 5

My name is Mrs Green and I have been teaching in Year 5 at Carlton since January 2017. Along with me is Mrs Lunat, who is a very experience teaching assistant. The pace at which we work in year 5 steps up a notch as we are heading towards year 6 and your child will be challenged in all areas of the curriculum and hopefully find it exciting and engaging. One thing I am trying to incorporate this year is lots of opportunities for drama across the curriculum to aid learning.

Every week we will show off some of the fantastic work that year 5 have been up to on the class page.


Our topic for this term has been the Rainforest. All children in the class have been working very hard and I was especially pleased with the fantastic research homework they did over the half term holiday in October. This week we finished our topic with a debate about deforestation. Individual children took on the roles of pharmacists, environmental scientists, inhabitants, loggers, cattle farmers, government officials and fast food restaurant owners to debate whether companies should be allowed to cut down the rainforests to provide resources such as wood and paper. Having discussed at length the views and opinions of these roles, the class then debated a scenario which got very heated at times. Here are some quotes:

  •  “Deforestation increases global warming because there is more carbon dioxide in the air.”
  •  “137 species are becoming extinct every day.”
  •  “Recent research has shown that trees might hold the secrets to curing diseases – we need to protect them for this reason.”
  •  “Our customers demand cheap meat products, we need the farmers to keep producing us meat.”
  •  “We have policies in place so new areas of forest are planted as other areas are cleared.”

  ”Selling the forests brings us income to help support local people.”







In Year 5, we have been learning about the Solar System. We used different fruits and objects to show the relative sizes of each planet and the order they are from the Sun. We then went outdoors to gain a greater understanding of the relative distances each planet is from the sun. In addition, we tried to write our own mnemonics to remind us of the order the planets are in -  for example: Many Vile Earthlings Munch Jam Sandwiches Under Newspaper, My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming.



This week in Literacy we have been thinking about and identifying the features of Rap and Poetry while considering what makes a good rap performance. We are starting to discover the poetic language an artist might use to give power to their raps and have recorded initial ideas on whiteboards before we write our own this coming week - we’ll have recordings and videos of the outcomes shortly – WATCH THIS SPACE!