Carlton Junior and Infant School


Academic Year 2015/16


Reception 2015/16

Reception Graduation July 2016

Thank you to all our wonderful mums, dad and carers for coming to the children's graduation, it was a fantastic afternoon and all your positive comments are really appreciated. The children have had a fabulous year and made superb progress, this would not have been possible without your continued support - thank you! We wish you a wonderful and safe holiday.

The Reception Team x



Phonics Fun!

June 2016

This half-term our topic is 'People Who Help Us'. Take a look below at videos of visitors we have had at school and our trips to support our learning.


We visited Dewsbury Library to find out how they help our community - we had a brilliant morning, take a look at the videos below:

We enjoy role-playing!

We had a Visit from Dr Ahmed

Katy visited us from Vets4Pets

Happy Father's Day!

Take a look below at all our wonderful learning about minibeasts! 

May 2016

We made minibeasts from clay


The children all wrote facts they had learned about different minibeasts in their fact books! Read Mariyah's fact book below:

April 2016

We made grassheads in school and then took them home - our challenge was to make sure they were watered regularly and were given lots of sunlight, we then had to take them back to school to show our friends and teachers, we did a brilliant job!

We made egg and cress sandwiches with the cress we grew - they were yummy!

We planted our fantastic bean plants in our flower beds - we couldn't believe how tall they'd grown!


As part of our topic work, the children have been reading 'Jack and the Beanstalk', they have enjoyed role-playing the story, sequencing the story and creating a story map. They then re-told the story in their own words - take a look below at some of their amazing writing!


Our Reception children have enjoyed celebrating our Queen's 90th Birthday!



We enjoyed planting cress seeds this week. We have also made our very own grass heads, planted the flowers we bought from the garden centre and observed our bean plants and recorded our observations in our bean diary. We also learned to name and label parts of a plant, it's been a busy week!

Planting Cress.




We are looking after our bean plants and recording our observations...

Our homework project...

We planted the flowers we bought from the garden centre in our garden outside...



The children have come back with a superb attitude to their learning after the Eater break and we are already proud of them all! This half-term our topic is 'Our Wonderful World'. We will be looking at how plants grow and learn the parts of a plant. We will then move on to learning all about mini-beasts. Please share the videos below with your children to help with their learning:


We planted our beans today!


Our role-play has been transformed into a Garden Centre. The children are really enjoying role-playing in there. We are learning to recognise money in Maths and it has been lovely to see children using the correct names for the coins they are using in our Garden Centre. Please take a look at the video below:

In English we have been reading 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We were excited to receive a letter from Jack this afternoon! It looks like we will be visiting a local garden centre tomorrow and planting our own beans - maybe they will grow as tall as Jack's beanstalk...

We have also written about what we did during our holiday. Please take a look at some of the children's work below:


We have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about Easter and taking part in fun Easter traditions.

Please enjoy your child's Easter bonnet parade!

We enjoyed singing Easter and Spring songs for the whole school and our parents.

The Easter bunny visited and left Easter eggs for us to find!

                         The children enjoyed making chocolate Easter nests!


Reception enjoyed a lovely trip to Cannon Hall Farm as part of our learning on farm animals and their young. Please take a look at the video below:


Sponsored Sport Relief obstacle course


Look at our fantastic decorated eggs!


We are learning all about farm animals! Please share the video below with your child.


Reception said bye to their chicks today, luckily they haven't gone far...

Our Reception class have had a wonderful two weeks learning all about the life-cycle of a hen by observing our chick eggs and watching our chicks hatch. They have produced some amazing work related to their observations. We were sad to say bye to our chicks today, but luckily Mr Malcolm Firth, who is the farm manager at Batley Girls High School, kindly agreed to take our chicks and look after them on his farm! He has also kindly invited us back in June so our children can see how our chicks have grown into hens and roosters - we can''t wait to visit!!

Please take a look at some of the work the children have done this week below:

We said bye to our chicks...

Life-cycle of a hen.

We kept a chick diary and recorded our observations daily. The children have done an amazing job at applying their phonic knowledge to their writing.

    By Inayah

    By Yahya

    By Arwa

     By Humayra

    By Aleena

   By Amaarah

    By Brayden

 Please feel free to pop in and take a look at your child's work which is displayed in our classroom.



Happy Mother's Day to all our lovely mums! We hope you like the song the children have learned for you and we hope you love the beautiful cards the children made for you!

World Book Day 2016


The children learned all about the life cycle of a hen today. They then accessed the life cycle activity we left out for them during their provision time. We were impressed with their work and how well they articulated their explanation of the life cycle using the work they had produced. 


Our chick eggs arrived today! We have 12 eggs and over the next few days the children will be observing the eggs and hopefully be there to watch the chicks hatch! The children will record their observations in their chick diaries. We will be learning the life cycle of a hen and drawing our own life cycle to show our understanding. The children enjoyed reading 'Chicken Licken' today. Take a look below at some of the work they have already done!

We made chick rules to ensure our chicks are always healthy, safe and happy!

We discussed what might be inside the eggs! 

We kept going over to see if we could see the eggs rolling or cracking, this tells us that the chicks are getting ready to hatch!

We enjoyed putting the life cycle of a hen together and explaining it to our friends!

We're enjoying our chick small world play.

We wrote in our Chick Diaries.



This week the children have been reading 'The Little Red Hen'. They have enjoyed learning the story through actions, writing sorry letters to the hen, acting out the story using puppets and small world play, sequencing the story and making delicious bread! Take a look below at some of their amazing work!

Acting out the story through small world play and puppets

Sequencing and re-telling the story


The children have had a fun packed week learning all about Chinese New Year. Take a look below at some of their fabulous learning. We are incredibly proud of all the children. They are making super progress in all areas, thank you for your continued support.

We hope you liked the Valentines wall hanging the children made for you - Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Holidays from all the Reception staff. 







Pancake Day!


This week the children will be learning all about Chinese New Year. We will be looking at how Chinese people celebrate and why they celebrate the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Please share the video below with your child.


In English we have been reading the traditional tale 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. The children have produced some amazing work - take a look below:

The children also made some brilliant bears and Goldilocks using playdough!

Arwa and Maariya used some of the story language they had learned through learning the story through actions to independently re-write the story in their provision time. We were blown away with their writing and can't wait to read the finished versions!

Maariya's story so far...

Arwa's story so far...


As part of our Winter topic, we have been looking at life in the Arctic. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this and we have had lots of fun finding out lots of facts! Take a look below at just some of the brilliant work the children have done.

We wrote about what we can see in the Arctic...


This week we have been reading 'The Gruffalo's Child' by Julia Donaldson. We enjoyed reading the story together and predicting the rhyming words in the story. We worked together in small groups and acted out the story and wrote short descriptions about our favourite character.

As part of our Winter topic, we have had fun exploring ice. Elsa snuck into our classroom whilst we were having lunch and froze some of our toys! We couldn't believe it! She left us a letter asking us to find out how she froze our toys and how we could get them back!

We talked about how our toys were frozen by Elsa:

"Elsa put them in the freezer and then they went hard" by  Yahya

"Elsa put the Numicon in water and then put the water in the freezer and then they got stuck because the water went hard and turned to ice in the freezer" by Zain

"If we put the ice on the radiator, it will melt and then we can get our toys back" by Abdurrahmaan

"If we take the ice outside and then the sun shines then it will melt the ice" by Aamanee

"We can rub the ice in our hands and our body heat will melt it because our hands are warm" by Arwa

We decided to find out if putting liquid in the freezer turns it into ice and what better way to do this than  by making juicy ice lollies, so that's just what we did! We talked about how our flavoured juice started off as a liquid and how we were able to pour it into our moulds and discussed if we would still be able to pur it once it had been put in the freezer. We learned that liquid turns to solid when frozen. Take a look at us making ice lollies below:


We are incredibly proud of all the children this week. They have come back to school with a superb and enthusiastic attitude to their learning. Take a look at just some of the amazing work they have done this week!

We wrote about what we did in our school holiday...

As part of our Winter topic, we talked about the changes that take place during Winter and how it effects us and the animals around us. We learned that some animals hibernate during the winter months and some birds fly away to warmer countries. We also learned that cats and dogs grow extra fur in winter to keep warm! We talked about why we should never ever play on a frozen lake or pond. We also learned about the importance of keeping warm and about the clothing we need to wear. We went on a winter walk and then independently made our own winter pictures in the creative area! We also learned new songs all about winter...

Our Winter Walk...

After a cold winter walk, we came back to school and helped Mrs Bracken make hot chocolate to help us to warm up! We had marshmallows in our hot drink as a treat.It was yummy!

Our brilliant winter pictures...

We are enjoying our RWInc lessons and love applying what we know independently in provision! 

We've enjoyed investigative play...


We think you will agree that our Reception children's performances of the traditional Nativity story  were outstanding. Thank you to all our Mums, Dads & Carers for coming to watch the children perform, it was lovely to see so many of you. Your continued support is always appreciated.

If you are viewing the videos using a laptop, tablet or PC, please click on the 'Vimeo' sign to view in full screen



We enjoyed our Christmas Party and a visit from Santa!


The children are enjoying learning all about Christmas. We have just started to rehearse for our Nativity performance, which will be on Friday 18th December 2015 at 2.15pm. Tickets are £1.00 for adults and 50p per child and are available from the school office.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning our nativity songs. Please can you help your child to practice the songs below. 

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

We wrote about our favourite part of our trip.


We enjoyed a fantastic trip to Sundown Christmas Adventureland as part of our learning about Christmas!


We are learning all about Christmas!


We earned a reward to our local park for having a brilliant attitude to learning and for behaving impeccably all the time! Our teachers are very proud of us!


As part of our 'Night & Day, Light & Dark' theme, we learned all about nocturnal animals - animals that come out at night. We wrote facts about some of the animals we learned about and then learnt a song about nocturnal animals too -  we hope you like it! 

As part of this week's theme, we talked about how shadows are created by blocking light... watch us explore and have fun with shadows!


This week our theme is 'Night and Day,Light and Dark'. As a class we thought about things we do during the day and things we do in in the evening. We also worked in small groups to think about the things we do daily and at what time of day we do them. Some of us decided that we do some things like brushing our teeth, watching tv and doing homework during the day and in the evening!







We read the story, 'Night monkey, Day Monkey' and discovered lots of differences between what we can see and do during the day compared to during the night.

Please click on the link below and join Jack and his sister Alice as they explore concepts of light and dark in an animated story. Please read the story to your child and press the 'next' icon when it flashes to go to the next page.

Week beginning 9th November 2015

It was just an ordinary Monday morning until Ms Mahmood rushed to our classroom with a message...Aliens had landed in our playground from planet Mars! They told us they were called Zig and Zog!! They also told us they would love to teach us all about space and the solar system.

We loved our new space themed classroom and couldn't wait to explore!

Zig and Zog's Mum and Dad wrote to us as they were a little concerned about them, we wrote back to them telling them what Zig and Zog have been up to!

We loved learning the solar system song and learned lots of planet facts!

We wrote down all the facts we knew in our Planet Fact Book!


We enjoyed making our favourite planets using the papier mache technique, we also decorated our own planet biscuits!

We wrote diary extracts of what Zig and Zog have been doing in the classroom for them to take back to Mars!

We taught Zig and Zog all about the Hindu Festival of Lights - Diwali. Take a look below at some of the exciting things we did!


In Maths we have been learning to recognise and name the properties of 2D shapes.



The children have had an amazing week learning all about The Gunpowder Plot. They have all been thoroughly engaged and we are very proud of them all. Please take a look below at some highlights of their fabulous learning!

The children loved learning about The Gunpowder Plot!

We were able to talk about the tradition of putting Guy Fawkes on a bonfire at our discussion table!

We made our own bonfire outdoors and our own Guy Fawkes to put on it!

We enjoyed drawing fireworks with chalk outdoors!

We learned how to use sparklers safely today and made our own chocolate sparklers, they were delicious!


We talked about how to keep safe on bonfire night and made our own safety posters




We went on an Autumn walk to look for signs of Autumn and collect objects for our Autumn investigation table.

Whilst on our Autumn walk we found a bear hiding in a tree. He looked a little scared and had a letter with him...


We all agreed that we couldn't just leave the bear and took him back to school. We loved Eesa's suggestion of callling our bear Autumn. To make Autumn feel at home, we had a Teddy Bear's picnic to welcome him to our class...



Autumn is spending October Half-Term with Yahya. We hope he's having lots of fun!



Well done to our 10 star club members! We are very proud of you. There are so many children very close to the magical 10! Keep working hard next half-term and you may get a dip in our silver box too!



We have continued with our bear theme and looking at stories with repeated refrains. This week we read the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?

First we re-told the story by pretending to be the animals in the book by using stick puppets. Once we were really familiar with the story language, we changed the story and re-told it in the style of the original. We think you will agree that the children did a superb job and are making amazing progress! Please take a look at their amazing story-telling below:


We have enjoyed learning all about Harvest and learning Harvest songs. Everyone thinks we are super singers! Listen to us below!



The children are learning to write their numbers correctly in Maths. We think they did brilliantly for their first number writing session!








The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading and re-telling the story,'We're Going On A Bear Hunt' in English. We have been blown away at how well they learned it and and how brilliantly they can re-tell it! Watch our brilliant story tellers in action!


The children did a fantastic job creating story maps and then used them to re-tell the story!


The children started off the week working in small groups sequencing the story and re-telling it to each other!

The children enjoyed acting out the story using the small world play!


This week we will be reading 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt'. We will be doing lots of actvities related to the story. Please share the video below with your child. Thank you.


This week the children will be learning about how to take care of themselves. We will start the week looking at the importance of brushing teeth, washing our hands, the impact exercise has on our bodies and we will end the week looking at healthy and unhealthy foods and making a yummy fruit salad!



 Senses Week!

 The children have had a brilliant week learning all about their 5 senses. They have been really enthusiastic and have shown a fantastic attitude to their learning. Take a look below at some of the fantastic learning that has taken place...



The children are making brilliant progress in maths! They've particularly enjoyed using our new foam number mats! In their maths lessons they have been learning to count objects accurately and match them to the correct numeral!



The children are making amazing progress in their Read Write Inc lessons! Their handwriting is stunning and they are brilliant at sounding out and blending green words.Thank you for your support with the work we send home to consolidate their learning. Look at the independent writing Eesa and Aleena produced today in provision time...


This week we will be teaching the children all about the 5 senses as part of our 'Ourselves' topic. We will do this through fun, practical and creative activities, which we're sure the children will love! We've noticed how much the children love singing and we can't wait to teach them the song in this video, please share it with them, thank you!


As part of our topic on Ourselves, the children this week have been thinking about the special people in their lives and why they mean so to them. Thank you to all our Mums, Dads and Carers for sending in/emailing us family photos, these really helped the children in their discussions! Please take a look at their family portraits below!


We enjoyed learning about the Muslim festival of Eid-Ul-Adha. We celebrated with a fun party! Thank you to all our Mums, Dads and Carers for the delicious party food! Here is the video you've all been asking for!!!


We love learning outside! We had a fun time working together to make a den!



We are reading the book 'Owl Babies' as part of our topic. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this story! Please share the video below with your child.



The children have painted some fantastic self-portraits as part of our 'Ourselves' topic. Take a look below to see our budding artists at work!


The children are making us very proud with their number recognition and counting skills - take a look!



The children have made a super start in their Read Write Inc lessons!


 Below are some videos of your child's first days at school! They have made a fabulous start to their learning journey at Carlton.