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 Christmas Productions  

Early Years and Key Stage One thoroughly enjoy performing for the rest of the school and their family very year! Just take a look at their fabulous performances below!


December 2015

We think you will agree that our Reception children's performances of the traditional Nativity story and Key Stage One's performances of 'Baubles' were outstanding. Thank you to all our Mums, Dads & Carers for coming to watch the children perform, it was lovely to see so many of you. Your continued support is always appreciated.

If you are viewing the videos using  a laptop, tablet or PC, please click on the 'Vimeo' sign to view in full screen

Reception's traditional Nativity Performance!

Key Stage One's performance of 'Baubles!'


December 2014

Watch Key Stage One perform 'Bethlehem's Buzzin'. We think they did a brilliant job!


Early Years Nativity Performance 2014


December 2013

Early Years' and Key Stage One's performance of Big Bad Ben of Bethlehem! Enjoy...


December 2013

Early Years and Key Stage One performed 'Jack and the Beanstalk' to amazed family and friends! Thank you to all those who came. Take a look below to see highlights of their brilliant performance!