Carlton Junior and Infant School


School Council

Head Girl

Saleeha Lameer

One of the main reason I was chosen as head girl is because I come to school every day and have a 100% attendence. I want to make this school a better place for all children.

I hope all the children will dream, aspire and achieve to be the best they can be in the future.

Head Boy

Bilal Ahmed

My name is Bilaal and I am the head boy at Carlton J & I School. I believe every child at Carlton should have their voice heard and I am here to represent them and the school. I am here for any child- happy or sad- I am here for anyone who wants to talk.  

Deputy Head Girl

Al-Haiya Hussain

My name is Al-Haiya and I am the duputy head girl. I believe every pupil has a voice and I am here to represent that voice. If you have any problems or any suggestions which could help imorove our school, then please come and see me!

Deputy Head Boy

Amaar Sacha

I am the deputy head boy because I have a passion for Carlton and the children who attend. I am a role-model for the pupils as I demonstrate all the Carlton values including exceptional behaviour. Children need a voice, therefore when I speak I represent the voice of all the children at Carlton.



Visit to Dewsbury Mayor

Children from our School Council had the pleasure of visiting the chambers of our Dewsbury Mayor. We had the opportunity to ask the mayor what her roles and responsibilities are and what changes she has made.

The children were praised for their immaculate behaviour and being fantastic ambassadors of our school.