Carlton Junior and Infant School


Welcome to Year 1 

Welcome to Year 1 class page. my name is Miss Hewitt and i am the class teacher. I have met most parents, but if you have not yet introduced yourself to me, please come and say hello.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents for their continued support. Myself and the children have had a fantastic start in Year 1, and very much look forward to the rest of the year.

Every week this class page will be updated with photos and examples of work from the children, so that you can see exactly what your children are learning.

Year 1 End of October 2018 Newsletter - Click here to view

Celebrating Children in Need - 16.11.2018

Our children enjoyed having their Pudsey Bear treats during lunchtime today. Thank you to our lunchtime ladies.

Year 1 children and staff celebrating Children in Need 2018 


Science Visit - 15.11.2018

Carlton were lucky enough to have a visit from a scientist today. They learnt all about friction. He had a child hovering around the floor, had a child making friction with giant hands and had a child removing a table cloth without smashing the plates.



Year 1 and year 6 today teamed up to plant new trees up near the Forrest. At Carlton we were lucky enough to receive a tree pack from Sir David Attenborough who is campaigning for new trees to be planted across the uk. His campaign is heavily supported by the Queen. The children partnered up and it was lovely to see how caring the year 6 children were with the year 1’s. 

They were continuously encouraging the younger children to try, to join in and encouraging the vocabulary related to planting. 


Carlton celebrating Remembrance Day 

Carlton celebrating the festival of Diwali 

Year 1 Cinema Trip - 09.11.2018

Year 1 trip to the cinema to see Peter Rabbit. They all had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed the film.


Anti Bullying Week

Monday the 12th November is Anti Bullying week. Please click on the link below for ideas to discuss with your child at home. Please Click here for the link

Carlton Firework Extravaganza - 07.11.2018

We had a wonderful  firework extravaganza this week, a successful event,attended by many parents and community members. We would like to thank all our staff and guests who attended on the night. A huge thank you to Councillor Masood Ahmed and Deputy Mayor Mumtaz for opening our event this year.



Following on from our pumpkin workshop, the children decided they did not just want to throw their pumpkins in the bin, but they wanted to reuse them. We decided to take the pumpkins up to the Forrest and leave them for the squirrels to eat and enjoy. The children learnt that not only would the pumpkins be reused, but they were in fact recycling them to feed the squirrels. They also learnt that the pumpkins would eventually add to the soil which we could later use for planting. 

We look forward to checking to see if the pumpkins have been enjoyed by the squirrels. 


Pumpkin Workshop 22.10.2018

What a fantastic, fun filled afternoon the children in Year 1 had today. 

We carved our own pumpkins, had a story read to us by a witch, tried pumpkin seeds and even tasted pumpkin soup. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed getting dirty and scooping the inside of the pumpkin out and then deciding which shape eyes they wanted to carve. The children were undecided on the soup but Ms Mahmood enjoyed hers and the soup warmed her right up and gave her the energy to continue working. 

Thank you to the 2 parent volunteers who helped us out and a big thank you to Witch Motley for spending time with us and showing us how to carve the pumpkin.



Year 1 were visited today by an author. She came to see them to read her latest story to them, all about Australia. The children were really engaged with her reading the story and they then got to follow up the reading with a colouring activity based on their favourite part of the story. 

The Great Carlton Walk - 17.10.2018

We had a wonderful afternoon participating in our School Sponsored Walk 2018.

It was a lovely afternoon walking to the Dewsbury Town Hall were the Deputy Mayor Mumtaz gave us an inspirational speech alongside Councillor Masood Ahmed.

This marked, International Walking to school month as well as promoting health, empathy and whole school community spirit. Keep Walking !!!



The children went on an Autumn sensory walk. We made predictions of what the children thought we may see. We had a lovely morning in the forest school which then lead into our writing of Autumn Poetry. Have a read.....

Reading is very important in every school and to every teacher. I wanted to share this picture with you because it reflects how much the children in Year 1 are enjoying reading. They really do have a love for reading.

Reminder: please read with your child every night and return books to school on Wednesday!

The children have been working so hard over the last few weeks that myself and Miss Wilson just had to showcase their work in 3 displays. Their is a Dream Jar displayed, linked to our creations. There is a spider display which links to the writing we did on the book 'Aaaarrgghh Spider' and the final display is a work in progress based on the season Autumn. The children have created amazing Autumn poetry which we are hoping to share with you at the upcoming Harvest Festival Assembly.




Here are just some of the amazing houses that the children have made at home with their parents. This links with our topic ‘houses and homes’. I am overwhelmed by the number of children who have gone home and been so creative. This wouldn’t be possible without the parents support, thank you. I can’t wait for our next creative homework. 


Reading in year 1 is very important. As you can see from the photographs, the children in year 1 are really enjoying reading with their friends in the reading tent. Please ensure you are reading with your child every night and returning books to school on Wednesday.


This week the children in Year 1 celebrated Rhoald Dahl's birthday by creating their ow dream jars. The children had to work together to rip cotton wool and then the cotton wool would absorb the coloured water. the children had so much fun making these.

The children are now focusing on writing based on their dream jars. So far they have created amazing work.



 In year one this week, the children followed up their creative skills by challenging their selves to write instructions. The children previously made dream jars to celebrate Roald Dahls birthday  and Ms Mahmood set the children the challenge of writing her a set of instructions so that she could make her own dream jar. 

As you can see from the example, the children did an amazing job at writing the instructions and this shows what an incredible start to year 1 they have made. We have been really focusing on correctly using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops the past few weeks.