Carlton Junior and Infant School


Welcome to Year 2

My name is Mrs Akhtar and I am the class teacher for Year 2. I am also a senior member of staff at Carlton J & I School. I thoroughly enjoy working with the children of Carlton and developing them to become confident individuals with aspirations for their future.

I am very excited about showcasing your children’s work on our new school website every week and look forward to working alongside all parents to ensure the very best outcomes are achieved for all children.




We had a wonderful Science workshop with ‘Zoolab ‘. We had the opportunity to touch and see lots of animals and listen to Matt as he told us many facts.

Thank you to Miss Hewitt for organising the workshop.




On Tuesday 12th June we were really lucky to meet author Chitra Soundar at our local Dewsbury Library.

We had the privilege of listening to her read from her new book, You’re Safe With me.

Have a look at some of our photographs.






In Year 2 we have been learning about plants.
We have covered topics such as; The Life Cycle of a Sunflower, Plant Growth and Prediction, Seeds found in Plants, How to plant and record the growth of your own plant.
We really enjoyed investigating and researching all of these topics this term.
Well done Year 2!
Keep looking for changes in the environment.








Children in Year 2 have been working hard in English. We have been looking at how words create expression in writing. We then moved onto looking at characteristics and how it creates an image for the reader.

Well done Year 2, you have worked hard.




This week children in Year 2 have been looking at properties of shapes. We worked in pairs to place the shapes into a carroll diagram. To extend the children we asked them to place the same shapes into a Venn diagram. We are extremely proud of all the children who were able to complete all the practical Maths activities.



Show And Tell

Yahya Hussain attend a concert in Bradford where the renowned Nasheed artist Zain Bikhar was performing. He had the amazing opportunity to meet Zain and get a signed copy of his new book. Thank you for sharing this amazing experience with us Yahya.


Expressive Reading 

Well done Humayra China!

We are proud of you.

Well done Aamanee Makda!

We are proud of you.


World Book Day 2018

Thank you to all the parents for providing such wonderful costumes for our World Book Day.

Spanish Twinning Project

Dear Parents we would like you to watch the following Presentation by Year 2.


A visitor form the Past

Sir William Petty an important big wig came to tell us about the great fire of London. The children heard the story in all its terrible details and tried some experiments to experience how the fire spread through the streets and to work out how the people of London passed buckets of water to put the fire out.


In the afternoon children designed a safer London.


What a great day to complete our topic The Great Fire of London








This week children in Year 2 re-enacted the story Traction Man. We really enjoyed sequencing the story in action and watching the children perform in groups.

Well done! Year 2






This term in Science, we are leaning about Habitats in order to this we challenged the children to think about and understand the difference between objects that are living, not living or have never lived.

We talked and categorised objects that are living or non-living.

How to help you child

Ask your child if a familiar object in your house is living or non -living.





Happy New Year! We have had a wonderful first day back. We have been reading today and answering lots of questions relating to the text.

Thank you to all our parent’s for helping your child read during the holidays. Keep it up.




This week we have been really busy planning and writing our fantasy stories. We used story mountains to help us think about the different components of our stories.

 Keep it up Year 2 you are working really hard.




This week children in Year 2 have really impressed the staff. We have been looking at fantasy stories. The children have written their own character descriptions using adjectives.

Have a look at their fabulous work below