Carlton Junior and Infant School


Welcome to Year 4

My name is Mrs Kamal and I am the Year 4 class teacher. This is my second year at Carlton Junior and Infants School, and I feel privileged to be part of the Carlton team. Alongside me in Year 4 we have two outstanding teaching assistants who will support me in raising the achievements and expectations of all the children in Year 4- Mrs K Patel and Mrs S Bostan.

The Year 4 learning journey is an exciting time, we will learning many new concepts like multiplication and division facts up to 12x tables, writing imaginative stories using fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases, explaining the process of digestion in humans, finding out about the causes of World War 1 and many more exhilarating new things.

This year we are involved in a twinning project called ‘ Carry My Story’, this project will give us the learning opportunity to find out about the differences and similarities within our community. Our partnership school is Old Bank School in Mirfield. We will be working closely with the children from Year 4 at Old Bank.

Parents are always welcome to visit Year 4 and to look through your children’s work. If you have any questions about your children’s learning please feel free to approach any member of the Year 4 teaching team.

Looking forward to the great year ahead!


w/c 11.06.2018

 This week we have been working hard on our team building and relaxation skills. Mrs Motley has been working with us and carried out ‘Mediation sessions’ and ‘Peer massage sessions’ with us. Everybody in Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and we are looking forward to see what Mrs Motley will be teaching us next.

In Science we have started our new topic ‘ Living Things and their Habitats’. We have learnt the 7 characteristics of living things. We will use ‘MRS GREN’ to help us remember this. We have created some fantastic posters and we have started to sort out living things into different groups using venn diagrams. 







Recently, we had a fantastic time visiting Old Bank School, as part of our twinning project, ‘Carry my Story’. As part of our learning we made friendship trees and friendship ornaments. We are learning more about our similarities and our differences. Old Bank School planned an afternoon tea party for staff and children of Carlton School. We experienced an amazing time sharing stories with each other.









This week in Science, we have started our new topic called ‘States of Matter’.  As part of our learning, we have been learning about the particles within a solid, liquid or gas. We know that particles within a solid are tightly packed together, whilst particles within a gas move around freely. In small groups, we put drama into our science learning by acting out particles. Children in the ‘liquid’ group, moved around close to each other, whilst children in the solid group ‘huddled’ together. We are confident in describing properties of solid, liquids and gases.


In Art, we investigated ‘Winter Pictures’ produced by different artists. This inspired us to plan and produce a ‘winter’ picture. We used chalk, charcoal and many different materials to make fantastic pictures.









Recently in Year 4 we have been focusing on our Key Stage 2 Christmas Production. As a class we have decided to research how Christmas is celebrated in Italy. We worked in small groups to research information about Christmas in Italy using lap tops, I pads and information books. We presented our fantastic learning as posters, which we improved by adding pictures and writing key information using handwriting pens.

Do you know who Le Befnaa is?

Did you know children open their Christmas presents on 6th January?

Did you know that the three wise men visited a kind, old witch before visiting Baby Jesus?

Year 4 children have been fascinated with the facts we have discovered about Christmas in Italy, and we look forward to performing our play about the three wise men and Le Befnaa.


In Maths we have been working exceptionally hard to learn the multiplication and division facts of times tables. Our learning has been challenged- we are now able to answer complex word problems and other questions involving multiplication and division.

As a class we love doing Challenge Work in Maths.


In Science we are investigating the types of teeth an adult human has. We are learning new vocabulary like canines, molars, incisors, pre molars and wisdom. We have discovered that different teeth are shaped differently and we now know the reasons why we have a mixture of teeth in our mouth. For example, we can explain that our canines are strong and pointy and this helps us to tear our food. Incisors are sharp and blade- like for cutting food. For example, you might use your incisors to bite into an apple.






On Monday 11th December, children in Year 4 had a visit from an author called Stephen Pass.  Stephen has written a book called Madge the Mermaid, this is an exciting book aimed at children in Lower Key Stage 2.

Stephen read chapters from his book, discussed with children how he was inspired to write, shared some poetry and answered some fantastic questions that children in Year 4 asked him.  Stephen showed examples of how to edit and improve a piece of work. 

In the afternoon we held Creative Writing workshops. Some children drew and annotated descriptive vocabulary around a mermaid, which was followed by writing a character description. A group of children wrote newspaper report on Stephen’s visit, whilst another group wrote diary entry of our fantastic morning. We also had a group researching facts about mermaids using laptops to produce non- chronological reports and some children were engaged in writing their own imaginative story about a mermaid.

The learning and work produced by all children was fantastic and we are working hard to produce a display of our exceptional work!


Year 4 visits Lotherton Hall 

As part of our topic on World War 1, children in Year 4 had the opportunity to visit Lotherton Hall in Leeds. During World War 1, Lotherton Hall was used as a military hospital which treated soldiers who fought during the horrific first war.

At Lotherton Hall, we looked at objects that were used during the war, for example the medicine cup that was used to administer medicine and the special inhaler with warm water that soldiers blew into. 

Afterwards we took on the roles of voluntary nurses and injured soldiers. We had to treat war time illnesses like trench foot disease, wounds from guns and mental or emotional problems some soldiers experienced. We also developed our thinking skills by suggesting how to change Lotherton Hall back into a military hospital. For example, as a class we felt it is important to have an ‘entertainment’ room, so that soldiers can relax, enjoy and try to forget about their terrible experience of fighting in a war.

Year 4's visit to Lotherton Hall November 2017 from CarltonJI on Vimeo.

Year 4- Twinning Project 

All children in Year 4 are involved in an exciting project called ‘Carry My Story’. This project is based around finding out about the identities of others in our multi- cultural society. As part of this project we are twinning with Old Bank School in Mirfield. This week the children from both schools met each other for the first time. We exchanged letters, gave Christmas cards, played team games, interviewed each other and asked and answered questions about our schools. Everybody had a fantastic time and we have made many new friends. Year 4 are looking forward to welcoming Old Bank School, on a day visit to Carlton School in January.