Carlton Junior and Infant School



Year 5 Class Page

English 25/2/19

We have started a new topic in our English lessons. The children did some detective work and pieced together different types of evidence to find out what we will be learning about. Can you work out what we will be studying?



Will it dissolve?

In our science lessons, we have been looking at properties of materials. The children carried out an experiment to investigate which materials would dissolve in water.


What an amazing first week back for the Year 5 children. We started the week off with the Carlton firework extravaganza.

On Wednesday, we went to Odeon Cinema to watch Hotel Transylvania 3. The children had a great time and were very well behaved.


Air Resistance in Parachutes 


October 2018

Children in year five carried out an experiment to find out how the amount of surface area affects air resistance.

We learnt air resistance is a type of friction and moving objects will always experience it. In groups the children created three different parachutes. Each one had a different surface area.

We predicted that the larger the surface area the greater the air resistance. The test proved this!


We did the experiment as a class and then we worked in groups.

One of the parachutes flew away! We wonder where it landed? 


 Music Lessons

In our music lessons, the children will be learning to play the flutes. They have started off learning how to play the flute using “toots.”

Children are enjoying the experience and are already playing simple songs using the instrument.


The Rainforest

Our topic this term is rainforests.  The children worked together to design information posters about the different layers of the rainforests. They researched about the different layers and where specific animals lived and why. We had some great teamwork from all the children in the class.



 Roald Dahl Day 

For Roald Dahl Day, the children had the opportunity to read The Twits and design their very own Twit beards. They had lots of fun and the pictures made an amazing display. We ended the day by joining other schools from around England to watch a live stream of the official Roald Dahl show. Children had paper and pencils at the ready to join in with the Quentin Blake’s drawing challenge.


Investors in Pupils

Our school is an Investors in Pupils school. The children set themselves personal targets this half term which we will review every half term.

Please ask your child about their target and the steps they are taking to achieve their target.