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Hatching Chick Eggs Project 


Every year Carlton children are lucky enough to take part in a fantastic chick hatching experience. The eggs are delivered to Reception as part of their 'Growing and Life Cycle' topic but the whole school experience the wonder from the minute they are delivered! Just take a look below:


March 2015 



This week saw the arrival of our live chick eggs into the Early Years classroom. Five eggs have already hatched and we are hoping for more to hatch before the end of the week! Children across all Key Stages will get an opportunity to handle the chicks, watch them grow, learn the life cycle of a chicken, learn how to care for them and much, much more! All the children have shown lots of interest, which is lovely to see! Why not do some research on the internet and find out more! You can find some fantastic videos and facts on YouTube!


Take a look below at what's been happening so far...


Take a look at the Year One children and staff handling our cute chicks...

It seems such a long time ago when we saw the arrival of live chick eggs into the Early Years classroom. The Early Years children cared for the eggs and helped them to hatch into 9 beautiful baby chicks, which the whole school adored! Well, they are baby chicks no more and since March they have been looked after by Mr Merry who has kindly sent us some updates. Please click on the links below to see what our chicks have been up to!!


Chicks Update April 2014



Chicks Update June 2014