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Residentials & Special Trips  


15th December 2014

As part of our learning of the Christmas Story and developing our understanding of different faiths and cultures the children in Early Years visited Longcauseway Church in Dewsbury.

We were made to feel very welcome by Mr Alan Long and his colleague. They showed us the special stain glass window arrangements depicting different parts of the story with carols which are sung to celebrate this time of year and the birth of Jesus.
There were lots of figures and scenes which other school children had made showing the parts of the Christmas story. They were very impressed with how much the children had learnt and our children were eager to tell them what the had learnt.
Alan played a carol on the large organ in the church, it was very loud and we sang a bit of our Nativity song. Some children told them the parts they were playing and what they have to say.
It was fantastic to see the children so enthusiastic about our learning and they were a credit to themselves and the school during the visit. We are very proud of all of them.


12th December 2014

Carlton enjoyed our annual Chrismas tradition of visiting Cleckheaton Town Hall to watch a performance of Cinderella. We all had a fantastic time. The children behaved brilliantly and did Carlton proud.


10th December 2014

Some children were very lucky to be chosen to visit the Houses of Parliament in London. They were chosen as they are our 'always' children who always do the right thing and deserve to be rewarded.
They took part in a celebration of the British Asian Rugby Association. They played rugby on the 'speakers green', had a tour of the Houses of Parliament and listened to guest speakers on equality in sport including Paul Elliot and our very own Ikram Butt!!
The children had a fantastic time and we are really proud of how they conducted themselves.

April 2014

The children and staff had a brilliant time in London!


January 2014

As part of their learning on Christianity, Year One visited Long Causeway Church in Dewsbury. The staff and children thoroughly enjoyed their visit.




Children, staff and parents at Carlton had a superb day out at Old Trafford.  Legends from two of the greatest teams in the world played each other in a charity game, with all proceeds going to underprivileged children living in Manchester. Children not only witnessed a good game of football, they spent the morning taking part in lots of fun pre-match activities and were treated to mini concert including JLS! It was a lovely way to spend a sunny Saturday!

Take a look at the video below!



This week children from years 4, 5 and 6 have been on a school residential trip to Kingswood, Peak Venture at Penistone.

Look at us at Kingswood!


The aim of this trip was for children to challenge themselves, try out new activities they haven't done before, work together as a team and have fun!

We had a fantastic time and we are all worn out by our very busy week, have a look at the fun we got up to whilst we were there!





We tried extremely hard to aim for the middle section of the target board during Archery!










Look at the rafts we built during our raft building session;

We had to build a prototype raft first, to test it would float. Then we could get started on the actual raft!

raft building



Raft building


We learnt how to tie knots in ropes when building our rafts, which we were very good at!











Raft building



We all helped each other put our raft together, so it was ready for the water.












Raft building



Our rafts passed all of the tests and were water safe...













...until the waves came along and we fell in the water!

raft building


We also experienced Canoeing for the first time. It was one of our favourite activities even though it was extremely hard work due to the wind!




First of all we had to bring the canoes to the water side, they were very heavy but we all helped lift!











We then had to learn the correct way to paddle to ensure we could get out on the water and move upstream.


We were finally ready to get in the canoe...
In the water we went...
During the same day we attempted the Zip wire, this was so much fun...
Zip wire
We whizzed down the wire to the end...
Zip wire
We had to follow 3 steps to get down, it wasn't easy...
Zip wire
Our last night was spent enjoying a DISCO!
We solved a range of problems during our problem solving session; we had to work really hard to solve these, communicating and working together as a team
was the only way to ensure our success!
 problem solving
Did we manage to successfully transfer the tyres in numerical order from one pole to another? We could only move 1 tyre at a time and we couldn't put a larger numbered tyre on top of a smaller one...with communication and teamwork, we did it!
problem solving
Our final activity, had to be the scariest of them all; the leap of faith! We had to climb up a 10foot pole, climb on top of a small wooden block and jump off, trying to catch the triangle. Even though this was scary we tried our very best to get to the top, challenging ourselves to try new things no matter how scared we were and WE DID IT! It was the best activity of the trip, with one of the children commenting, "Now I have done this I can do anything!"
Leap of faith
Leap of faith
Leap of faith
Leap of faith
Leap of faith
We had the best time at Kingswood and we can't wait to go again next year!