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Our Reading Schemes

Reading Schemes at Carlton School

Carlton J&I School uses two Reading Schemes. Oxford Reading Tree and Rigby Star.  These Schemes are used throughout EYU, Key stage One and Lower Key stage Two.  The two Schemes run parallel to each other and have been matched up to ensure each stage complements the relevant reading. Please see below: 

Level Oxford Reading Tree Rigby
W Lilac Pink
W - 1C Green / Blue Red / Yellow
1C Blue / Red Yellow / Blue
1B Red / Yellow Blue / Green
1A Ornage / Turquoise Gold / Green
2C Brown Purple
2B Blue Gold
2A Maroon White
3C Emerald  
3B Ruby  

Children are regularly assessed, using PM Bench Marking, to ensure that they are reading the correct stage book. This enables the correct book is selected to enable both pace of reading and sufficient challenge to help progress pupil’s reading fluency.  Children in Key Stage One are given a reading book to take home regularly and have a reading diary which is a home /school link to allow parents to support their child at home. 

Oxford Reading Tree is a Character led sequence of books which follow the lives and adventures of the central characters Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy. The initial levels are phonetically structured.  The controlled vocabulary increasingly introduces more complex vocabulary as the scheme progresses. The adventures and predicaments that the central characters find themselves in allow the reader to think about and engage with the characters and ask questions about the stories.

Rigby Star is a mixture of single book fiction book and wide range of non-fiction books.  The fiction books have a range of colourful and exciting characters to excite and interest the young reader.  The non-fiction books are exciting and cover a wide range of topics.  Rigby Star also includes the ‘Pirate Crew’ range of books which are funny and adventurous.  These books are used within school for daily guided reading sessions and are used to develop comprehension skills.  Rigby Navigator books (Non-fiction) are also used in school for group reading.

When children reach a level 3b in their reading assessment they are able to choose their own home reading book from the class library.  In Key Stage Two children have a daily Guided Reading lesson focusing on a specific author which is allocated to each year group. Reading is assessed through regular optional SATs tests and PM Bench marking of children not making age-related progress. Fresh Start is also used to help children in Key Stage Two requiring additional support.

Throughout Foundation Stage, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two Children have access to Bug Club, both at home and at school.  This is an online computer based reading programme. Pupils are allocated books according to their reading level and complete reading tasks on the screen as they advance through the text. If you have any further questions, please let a member of our staff know and we will be happy to help.