Carlton Junior and Infant School


Special Assemblies

September 2015

Eid-Ul-Adha Assembly in British style.

Today we hosted our Eid assembly with special guests in attendance. 


We were honoured to have in attendance...


MP Jo Cox


and MBE Qari Asim

We played a game which included overcoming obstacles and working together as a team.


We got a number of teachers involved in the game...


and lots of children.

At the end the teams had to work together to create a word with the letters they had collected during the game.

The words were Sacrifice and Community and as MBE Qari Asim put so eloquently, "only through sacrifice and helping each other can we build a community and in so doing achieve peace."

We ended the assembly by thanking 3 very important people. 

MP Jo Cox,                                                              MBE Qari Asim

and our very own Carlton School Head Teacher, Ms. Mahmood.


November 2014

Anti-Bullying Rap by Year 2

Harvest Festival  October 2014


Showcase Assembly with Children's Poet, Ian Bland October 2014

More videos to be uploaded during October half-term...

Year 2


Year 6 French Week Assembly July 2014


Pirates by Year One July 2013


Oliver by Year 3 July 2013


The Seaside by Year 2 June 2013


The Chinese Zodiac Story by Year One  February 2013